Customer Reviews

“Omg thank you so much Rita, my wife loved it and so did I . Thank you again I don't know why I have not done this before I will be telling everyone about how good you are. Thank you thank you thank you. Look forward to see you in the salon soon.”

     ~David Troy, New Braunfels, TX

“The portrait arrived monday, and we are totally amazed! Christina loved it. Thank you so much for getting it done so quickly. You are extremely gifted, and we are honored to display your work in our home. We're hoping for baby number two soon, so you will definitely hear from me again in the future. Thanks again."

     ~Jeremy, Columbus, OH

“Dearest Rita, my son gave me a portrait that you drew of myself and my husband. It brings tears to my eyes when I see it. This portrait means so much to me now that Shiro is gone. You have been truly blessed with the talent that you have. Thank you very, very much.”

     ~Mika, Kyoto, Japan

“I got my picture today and it is so BEAUTIFUL. Thank you.  As soon as I get a picture of my older son and his wife, I will send you another order.  Thank you so very much.”

     ~Ruth, Georgetown, TX

“I wanted to thank you for the beautiful picture you did of my father and mother on their golden anniversary, unfortunately my dad never made it to see the anniversary as you may know. I am their oldest son, and it brings a tear to my eye every time I see him in that picture as I know he is smiling about that picture. You are extremely talented and again I thank you for your work and efforts. God bless you!!”

     ~Mark, Dallas, TX

“I just have to tell you this. When I showed my granddaughter the portrait of her teacher that she is going to get to give her, she looked at it and started to cry, really she did, and locked her arms around my neck, hugged me and kissed me so hard and thanked me so much for having you do this. She just kept saying, ‘She is just going to love it so much NaNa.’ You do not know what you did for this little girl. I wish you could have been there and seen the look on her face. It made me cry to see her. Thank you so much. I think you have helped to make the end of her first year of school very special.”

     ~Kim, Thurmont, MD       

“We got the portraits today – they are STUNNING!! Thank you so much for your
wonderful talent! My sister is going to be THRILLED!!!”

     ~Julia, Mannheim, Germany

“I received the group portrait of my grandkids and the single portrait of Baby Gavin,---they are both GORGEOUS, as usual, thank you for your talents!  Have a wonderful holiday.”

     ~Darcy, Corpus Christi, TX

“I am so excited to see it... your work is SO amazing that I have no doubt I'll love it. I know SHE will love it.”

“I got it Rita... your right... it looks awesome.  She's going to LOVE it.  Thank you sooooooo much!”

“Sara absolutely loved the portrait.  Thank you very much!!”

     ~Chris, Kapolei, HI      

“How do I ever express my gratitude to you for preserving such an incredible likeness of my father through the portraits that you did?  When I saw them I was just stunned--I think my heart stopped.  It moved me to tears.  You did a wonderful job.  Thank you so much.”

     ~Tish, Schertz, TX

“I was SO excited to receive the portraits today – Rita they are incredible!! How do you do it??! Your detail is amazing! I definitely have more I want you to do. Thank you!!!”

     ~Louise, Edmonton, AB, Canada

“Omigosh, the portrait is gorgeous! You are very talented at capturing children. Thank you so much, we are very pleased.  Happy holidays and I will contact you again.”

     ~Sylvia, Austin, TX

“Rita - I received the caricatures.  The picture came out great.  My wife & I had a good laugh.  I think they are going to be big hit for the guys in the picture.  Thanks…”

     ~Al, San Antonio, TX

“I wanted to let you know that I received the portrait of James Matthew. Thank you so very much! It is absolutely precious. I have kept it a secret from my kids and am looking forward to their reaction when they see it! You have an amazing talent and you did a wonderful job. I look forward to having you do another portrait for me very soon and I will be sure to recommend you to my friends and family.”

     ~Stephanie, Cedar Park, TX

“The drawing/rendering of my granddaughter arrived on Friday. It is beautiful. Thank you so much for your beautiful talent. Our family will treasure this for many years to come.”

     ~Pete, San Antonio, TX

“Gotta say the drawing of my two kiddo's that was given to my wife on Christmas was excellent....I judge things with my wife on tears....she cried when she opened it, so I'd have to say it was a success.....LOL!   Thanks so much!”

     ~Dan, Fort Collins, CO

“Just wanted to thank you again for such a beautiful portrait of my son.  I can’t stop staring at it! You truly captured him and the last of those baby cheeks! I will treasure it for a life time!  Thank you.”

     ~Michele, New Braunfels, TX

“The portrait arrived Friday & I am THRILLED!!  Thank so much for getting it completed so quickly.   Much cheer to you in this new year.”

     “Melissa, Oakland, CA

“I have not written you about the hand-drawn portrait you did of my husband and I from a picture taken on our wedding day.  You shipped the portrait to my cousin’s house so my husband would not suspect anything before Christmas, consequently I did not have a chance to see the portrait until he opened it on Christmas Day as my cousin held it and even wrapped it for me.  We were both very, very happy with the result....the portrait is beautiful."

“I just wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did and for the happiness we’ll experience each time we look at the portrait in the years to come. I hope to be able to work with you again in the future.”

     ~Judy, San Antonio, TX


“The eyes are wonderful. You are the best. You did an outstanding job. Now I have to wait and see the expression on everyone’s face on Christmas. That is priceless! Thanks a million!”

     ~Delores, Hampton, VA

“I can't remember if I let you know how everyone loved the portraits.

“His mother has them in the hallway when you come in the door and everyone just stands there in such amazement. Your attention to detail is leaves me speechless. :)”

     ~Delores, Hampton, VA

“I have two beautiful pastel sketches of my girls that you did around Mothers Day. You caught their natural beauty, and I will forever cherish those portraits!!  Thanks for a job well done!”

     ~Cheryl, Spring Branch, TX

“Received the portrait of David and Karla, it is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I know they will both love it.  Thank you so much.  I will be sending a picture soon of Bailey over email to get an 8x10 pencil, I will get in touch soon.  Thanks!!!”

     ~Sandra, Newborn, GA

“The picture you drew came out beautiful. I was really impressed! I haven't given it to my Dad yet, but he will love it. I can't believe how you captured them in that drawing. You definitely have a gift. I will be handing your cards out and spreading the word about your work. Take care and thanks again!”

     ~Caroline, Waco, TX

“Thank you so much for the beautiful portrait you created.  My friend Dottie loved the picture so much it brought tears to her eyes.  It is truly a piece that she will always cherish.  Thank you again for taking the time out of your busy schedule to fit in my request.  You are truly a very talented and professional artist.  It is absolutely amazing the detail in your work. Thank you again!!!!!!!!”

     ~Laurie, San Antonio, TX

“We got the portrait today.  You did a great job, thank you. We really like the portrait. He looks like how we remember him. Now we have our little boy with us... I will be passing your info to my friends and co-workers.  I wish you all the best.  Thanks again,”

     ~Elina, Jacksonville, FL

“I’ll always remember your sketching one particular couple in Fredricksburg. They were not ‘fancy’ in any way; were not ‘attractive’ in the usual sense of the word; seemed to find it necessary to be very careful with spending money; and, most important of all, cared a great deal for each other. They were smiling (he toothless and she with somewhat protruding teeth) and excited about having this special portrait together. I supposed them to be in late forties. One could see in their faces a childlike eagerness; and in my mind I was saying, ‘Rita, please be kind.’ We had to stay and watch; and I still get tears remembering that you sketched them to look the way they saw each other. You saw and brought out the beauty that was there.  God bless you and your wonderful gift. You told me that you don’t remember faces because you see so many, but I cannot forget theirs. Hope to see you somewhere, sometime again. Best regards,”

     ~Lou Jane, Cisco, TX

“This year my son got you to draw a picture of my pet Hudson.  A Silver poodle who passed away after being my best friend for 18 years.  I just wanted to say thank you!  I cried when I opened the package, as they made me open it backwards and then turn it around so they could see the look on my face!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  It is breath taking!”

     ~Tina, Altus, OK